Photos of Cedars Park

These photos show some different views from around the park.

Black and silver gates with cyclists passing through
Two colourful circular flowerbeds
A white dove in a flowerbed
A bench under some trees
A brick and flint arch
A brick and flint domed hut
Plastered walls of a domed hut
Small brick and flint archway
Benches next to a path
Pond with a small fountain
A weeping willow tree
Two terrapins in a pond
A green bench with colourful design of flowers, butterflies and bees
A turf mound with a spiral-shaped path
A colourful flowerbed
Close-up of a purple flower, with sunlight behind
Snowy park scene with icy puddle
An arched alcove in an old brick wall
Remains of an old brick wall
A bronze soldier statue, tank on plinth, and bench
A bronze statue of a soldier, holding red flowers
A metal bench with cutouts of soldiers and poppies
Men playing bocce
A tree with white blossom
A tree with pink blossom
A wooden camel
The face of a wooden tiger
A wooden elephant
Colourful flowers by a brick wall
Red flowers with yellow middle
Cast palace model
Close-up of a palace model with clay plaques in the background
A brick building with three large windows
A squirrel eating
A sign reading 'Welcome from Cedars Friends' with artwork of ducks and chickens
A car park with cars