In 1919, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Hedworth Meux generously donated his grounds east of what is now the A10 road for the enjoyment of the public of Cheshunt. The handover to Cheshunt Urban District Council was made official by a covenant signed by Meux, providing an outline to the council on how the park should be managed and used.

The Official Copy from HM Land Registry is also available.

Original plot

This Indenture made the nineteenth day of December one thousand nine hundred and nineteen Between Admiral of the Fleet The Honourable Sir Hedworth Meux of Theobalds Park Waltham Cross in the county of Hertford G.C.B. K.C.V.O. (hereinafter called “The Donor”) of the one part and the Urban District Council for the Urban District of Cheshunt in the County of Hertford (hereinafter called “the Council”) of the other part Whereas the Donor is seised of the hereditaments hereinafter described and intended to be conveyed for an estate of inheritance in fee simple in possession free from encumbrances And Whereas the Donor in order to commemorate the happy conclusion of the European War is desirous of presenting the said hereditaments to the Council in trust to allow the enjoyment thereof by the inhabitants of Cheshunt in perpetuity as an open space pursuant to the provisions of the Open Spaces Act, 1906, but subject to the stipulations set forth in the first schedule hereto and the Council in exercise and execution of every power in this behalf enabling them have agreed to accept the said hereditaments for the purposes aforesaid Now this indenture witnesseth that in pursuance of the said desire and agreement the Donor as settlor hereby conveys to the Council … those pieces or parcels of land situated in the Parish of Cheshunt in the County of Hertford laid out as a garden and being part of the original grounds of the Royal Palace of Theobalds and containing by estimation eleven acres one hood and thirty perches or thereabouts together with the messuage erected on part thereof and known as “The Cedars” all which said hereditaments are more particularly delineated in the plan drawn hereon and therein marked with the colour red. Together with the right at all times hereinafter and for all purposes to use the road leading from Crossbrook Street to the said hereditaments up to and so far as the point marked A on the said plan Except and preserving unto the Donor his heirs and assign the free passage and running water and soil through and under the said hereditaments from any lands houses or other hereditaments now vested in the Donor with power for the Donor and heirs and assign to enter upon the hereditaments hereby conveyed for the purpose relaying or repairing any drain or pipe therein he or they making good the surface of the land and hereditaments hereby conveyed at his and their own expense to the reasonable satisfaction of the surveyor for the time being of the Council To Hold the said hereditaments unto and to the use of the Council and their assigns for ever in trust to allow the enjoyment thereof by the inhabitants of the Parish of Cheshunt as an open space pursuant of the provisions of the Open Spaces Act 1906 but subject to the stipulations set forth in the first schedule hereto And the Council hereby covenant with the Donor that the Council will observe and perform the said stipulations And the Donor for himself his heirs executors and administrators hereby covenants with the Council that he or they will contribute and pay to the Council one half part of all monies which shall or may be expended by the Council within two years from the date hereof in execution of the works mentioned in the Second Schedule hereto provided that an estimate of the cost of such works shall first be submitted to and approved by the Donor And the Donor hereby acknowledges the right of the Council to production of the documents mentioned in the third schedule hereto and delivery of copies thereof In witness whereof the Donor has hereunto set his hand and seal and the Council have caused their seal to be affixed the day and year first above written.

The First Schedule

The Second Schedule

The Third Schedule

1906 April 10th

Indenture of this date made between Dame Louise Franklin Prescott Charles William Prescott Westcar and Bassett Lennard Tollner of the one part and Dame Valerie Bruce Meux of the other part.

1919 Sept 1st

Assent by Charles Frederick Gill the surviving executor of the Will of Dame Valerie Susie Bruce Meux to devised to the Donor.

Signed Sealed and Delivered by the above named Sir Hedworth Meux in the presence of Beatrice Thornton, 164 Adelaide Road, NW.3 (Secretary).

Sealed with the Common Seal of the Urban District Council of Cheshunt in pursuance of a resolution passed in a Meeting of the Council in the twentieth day of January one thousand nine hundred and twenty in the presence of Chairman Geo. Williamson.

Dated 19th Decr. 1919

Admiral of the Fleet The Honble. Sir Hedworth Meux G.C.B. K.C.V.O. to The Cheshunt Urban District Council

Conveyance of freehold hereditaments known as “The Cedars”: Theobalds Park, Cheshunt, Herts

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