Tree Identification Project

Volunteers from the Friends of Cedars Park have carried out a Tree Identification Project to list the species of the main trees, effectively creating a formal Arboretum with a listing that allows people to easily see the species of each tree using a unique number on a tree tag. The current plastic tags (installed 2019) are a temporary solution and we are due to install permanent tree tags in 2024.

The project has been very positively received by the public. CPRE Hertfordshire said: 'The tree project is a valuable asset helping visitors to discover the trees in the park. Their species lists and measurements . . . have contributed to our national knowledge of trees in cultivation.'

Video Updates

These videos were produced periodically by our volunteers and document the progress of the tree identification work, which spanned 2019 to 2021. We continue to create new resources for the public about the Cedars Park Arboretum and will add any further updates about the project to this playlist - watch this space.