Welcome to Cedars Park

Where history is just a walk in the park

Cedars Park is a 19-acre public park in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. It is of great historical and national importance as the former site of Theobalds Palace, a significant royal estate. Various historic and contemporary features can be found around the park, including palace remains.

The park is managed by Broxbourne Borough Council, with volunteer support from the Friends of Cedars Park.


Are dogs allowed?

Yes; many dog owners use the park daily. Please follow the guidance on the dogs page.

Is there a playground?

Natural play features are offered rather than conventional playground equipment.

Where can I find out about events?

Our Facebook page is regularly updated with upcoming events and activities.

How can I commission a memorial bench/tree?

You can purchase a memorial via Broxbourne Council.

How can I find a memorial bench/tree?

A list of memorials has been produced. Please refer to the arboretum zones to locate the memorial.