Welcome to Cedars Park

Historic Site of Theobalds Palace

Cedars Park is a public park covering 19 acres in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. It is the former site of Theobalds Palace, one of the most renowned English palaces of the Stuart period and King James I's favourite residence, where he spent the majority of his later life hunting and enjoying performances. The palace was destroyed during the English Civil War.

The purpose of this website is to highlight the historical significance of the park and provide some useful information to the public.


Remaining structures of Theobalds Palace can be found around the park, including extant garden walls. Broxbourne Borough Council have honoured the rich history of Cedars Park with the provision of replica royal features, reduced models of the palace and bas reliefs of prominent historical figures — supported by Heritage Lottery funding.

There are a number of other quality features and you can get an impression from our photo gallery. Information boards are located around the park. There is also an excellent Café and Nature Centre on site.


Cedars Park is located on Theobalds Lane, 7 minutes walking distance from Theobalds Grove Station. The park is fully wheelchair accessible, incl. car park and toilets. For opening times, please see the Broxbourne Borough Council website.

Friends of Cedars Park

The Friends of Cedars Park are a community volunteer group established in 2005 to help maintain and improve the park. For more information, please contact andy-massey-FOCP@outlook.com or visit our page on Facebook.