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Cedars Park is a public park located on Theobalds Lane in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. The attractive landscape includes a play maze, turf mound, duck pond, and a mature & diverse arboretum, and other features include a replica WWI tank, Tommy statue, bocce court, historical murals, wooden carvings, a flint folly, an animal centre, sensory flowerbeds, and palace remains.

Once the Royal Palace of Theobalds, which was regularly visited by Queen Elizabeth I and later became King James I's favourite residence, the grounds (approximately 19 acres in size) are of significant historical and national interest. The palace was largely destroyed during the English Civil War, as many of the rooves contained valuable lead, which was sold to support the troops. After acquisition by the Meux brewing family, Admiral Sir Hedworth Meux signed a covenant in 1919 that bestowed the grounds as a public park for the people of Cheshunt to enjoy, which was officially opened on 2 July 1921, named "The Cedars". Over 100 years later, despite busy dual carriageways on two sides, the area retains a tranquil atmosphere.

Many ruins of Theobalds Palace and subsequent constructions can be found around the park, and while these were once homes or outbuildings, they now serve as charming focal points, as well as a reminder of the Elizabethan, Jacobean and Georgian architectural styles.

Cedars Park is managed by Broxbourne Borough Council, with the Friends Group volunteers providing assistance in maintenance and organising public events. The council has received funds amounting to some 1.9 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund over recent years, which has been used to add several new features and promote the rich history. The park has received a Green Flag Award every year since 2009.

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