Information for your visit

Here is some general information that may be useful to read prior to your visit to Cedars Park.

Opening times

Cedars Park opens at 7am and closes at varying times throughout the year. Please see Broxbourne Borough Council's website for the exact times.


  • Fully wheelchair accessible

  • Free car parking incl. disabled

  • Toilets incl. disabled

  • Cedars Park Café

  • Meeting room available for hire

  • Numerous features around the park

Meeting room outside

Meeting room


Please follow the Cedars Park Canine Code:

  • Your dog is wearing a name tag or is microchipped.

  • Your dog is on a lead if you are not confident that he/she will not cause fear or harm to other dogs or park visitors (particularly children)

  • Your dog does not foul near areas where children often play (such as the Venusberg and maze)

  • Carry a sufficient amount of poo bags, ideally enough to spare some for another dog walker who may have forgotten theirs.

  • Pick up all dog mess, and ensure that bags are not left anywhere else other than in bins.

  • Regularly check/treat your dog for worms and fleas.

  • Never allow your dog to chase or attack wildlife.

Educational visits

Broxbourne Borough Council has produced Education Packs for use in Cedars Park by primary schools, which follow a trail around the park. Please email the Council at to obtain the packs and trail map.

Cedars Park offers an outdoor classroom—ample seating in front of a chalkboard—for which you will need to bring your own chalk.

Map of the park