A Message From The Website Creators

Jake Gutteridge and Tarant Hobbs

W e l c o m e

Tarant Hobbs and Jake Gutteridge (grandfather and grandson) took over the park website at the end of 2021, creating this new one, following the closure of www.cedarspark.org. Prior to this, we had a personal website (called "Jakant Research", a fusion of our first names) which mainly covered Cedars Park, however it was not the main website for the park. Relevant pages were migrated to this address (and expanded), and other topics separated to a personal site.

Jake is the Webmaster of this site and has created most of its pages, while Tarant has contributed heavily to the Great War Centennial Corner page, particularly researching the history of the war memorial and tanks in general. Tarant is eager to contribute to other areas of the website where possible. We have jointly tagged the trees and listed the memorials around the park, and both manage the data collected through those projects.

We are active volunteers in Cedars Park and work passionately to encourage improvements in the care and preservation of the park, bringing attention to any failings in its management, so that it may be continually improved and retain its status as the premier park in the Broxbourne Borough.

We continue to update the website regularly, and would appreciate any comments by e-mail to cedarspark@mail.com. You are also welcome to submit any information, pages or images to be displayed on the site.

June 2022, revised August 2022