Cedars Park and Waltham, USA - the connection

The town of Waltham, Massachusetts, USA was established in 1634 by settlers from Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England. Joseph B Franklin Esq, the Chairman of Cheshunt Council, visited the American Waltham for an early celebration of the tercentenary of the town's founding. He was gifted an Amur Cork Tree, which he planted in Cedars Park on his return home. In 1941, the American Waltham donated a mobile canteen (worth 1500 USD (around 21,000 today)) to the joint towns of Waltham Cross and Waltham Abbey - the current location and condition of the mobile canteen are unknown. After the Amur Cork Tree died from storm damage, the American Waltham kindly donated a new one in August 1980, which later died. A new tree was planted in recent years, which was ring-barked in 2019 (likely by muntjacs) and died in 2020.

The article below is from a British newspaper on Saturday 9 July 1921. Clicking on the image will display the article in a clearer script.