Cedars Park's excellent bronze 'Tommy' sculpture of a Rifleman from Queen Victoria's Rifles of the London Regiment — all of 8 ft tall — was installed in November 2019 for the community to remember all those who were lost in the First World War.

The statue was crafted by Roger Andrews of Glamorgan, Wales.

While this statue was erected in memory of all who died in this conflict, he is in special memory of Rifleman William Ernest Taylor Uglow, who lived in Cheshunt and was the youngest volunteer recruit from the Broxbourne District during the war. The statue's face is not modelled after Uglow, but the buttons of his rifle brigade (QVR) are accurately represented on the uniform.

Read more about Rifleman Uglow here.

Bronze commemorative statue holding red flowers
One of several uniform button designs on the Rifleman's uniform of Queen Victoria's Rifle Brigade.