The new tank


The concrete plinth in Cedars Park once held an original presentation tank from the First World War. Today, it displays a representative male Mark IV as an homage to the original, dedicated to all who served in the Tank Corps during the First World War.

The tank was installed on 1 July 2019, a day before Cedars Park's centenary.

This is the only known replica to be placed on an original presentation plinth — all other plinths (except in Ashford, Kent) were dismantled or remain bare today after their tanks were scrapped.

Replica male Mark IV on presentation plinth in Cedars Park

Film star

Commissioned by Pinewood Studios in 2004 and built by their SFX department, the tank measures 21 × 13 × 8 ft — shorter than an original, so that it could be easily moved around film sets, however the height is correct.

The tank has attended military shows and starred in over 70 film and television productions, including:


The closest identity for this replica has been heavily researched with the help of many experts and museums to correspond with the Active Service of the original Cedars Park tank, 2740.

2325 was a male Mark IV of G Battalion of 6th Section (part of HQ Section), 20 Company, listed as the 22nd Battalion Tank (i.e. G 22) — named 'Grasshopper' by the Crew. G Battalion fought alongside D Battalion of 2740 towards St. Julien on 12 August 1917 (the Hertfordshire Regiment again being one of many following the tanks, in close support), and 'Grasshopper' was 'Knocked Out of Action' with its right track broken. The tank was transferred to 12 Company of D Battalion and in Action on 22 August 1917 'Broke Down and was Ditched'. It does not appear to have returned to G Battalion or even survived, as a 'Grasshopper II' existed later in the Battalion.

Relevance to Hertfordshire

It is fitting that Hertfordshire contains the only presentation plinth to have a tank reinstalled. The county played a very important role in the development of the tank vehicle as Hatfield Park was used for the testing, including a special demonstration to King George V.

See Development of the world's first "Tank" by Great Britain and Hertfordshire's role at the outset for more information.