This general information may be useful to read prior to your visit to Cedars Park.

Opening times

Cedars Park is opened every day at 7am and closing time varies throughout the year (see Broxbourne Council).


Please see our interactive map for a list of the features and facilities around Cedars Park.

Other information, including a tree trail, is also included, which can enhance your visit.


Cedars Park is fully wheelchair accessible.

For the visually impaired, information plaques on palace models contain Braille. Also, sensory flowerbeds have been installed by Blind Active.


  • Ensure your dog is wearing a name tag or is chipped.

  • Keep your dog on a lead if it may harm visitors or other dogs.

  • Prevent defecation near child play areas.

  • Carry a sufficient amount of waste bags.

  • Pick up all dog mess.

  • Regularly check for and treat worms, fleas, etc.

  • Never allow your dog to chase or attack wildlife.

Educational visits

Education packs (and supplementary trail map) for primary schools are available from Broxbourne Council on request.

Cedars Park offers an outdoor classroom — ample seating in front of a chalkboard — for which you will need to bring your own chalk.