17th Century Disability Gardens

There is a sensory flowerbed in Cedars Nature Nature (possibly removed with recent refurbishment), and a set of four just outside the centre (by the "King James Room"), added to Cedars Park in 2014 and 2016, respectively, by local charity Vision4Growth (now BlindActive) with financial support from Tesco and the Robert Clutterbuck Trust, and in the past other organisations have donated plants.

According to BlindActive, the name "17th Century Disability Gardens" is due to the fact that, in the 17th century, many of the plants included were used for medicinal purposes and in food.

Sensory gardens contain scented plants and their purpose is to provide enjoyment of the plants to blind people, while also being aesthetically attractive for sighted people. These particular flowerbeds have also been designed with wheelchair users in mind, being at the right height for anyone to touch and smell them, and also having a wide enough gap between each bed.

The beds are re-planted occasionally, and recurring plants include lavender, mint and lemon-balm.

Fiona Musgrove from Vision4Growth, 2015
Discussion about plant arrangements, Sep 2016
Discussion about community benefit of the flowerbeds, Oct 2016
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