Restoration Project

In 2011, Broxbourne Council successfully secured a grant of £1.89 million from Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund to protect and improve Cedars Park, and conserve and promote its heritage. The grant was used to make many improvements to the park, including the addition of new features, improved facilities and new paths.

Scheduled monuments in the park were also restored for longevity — for example, the Great Garden wall was stabilised and repointed using soft lime mortar — which resulted in these monuments being removed from the Heritage at Risk register. Additionally, English Heritage supplied £90,000 for the restoration of the Flint Arch.

Key stages

  • 20 March 2007 — £50,000 received to support development of Cedars Park required for the first stage of the grant application.

  • 2007 — Oxford Archaeology are commissioned to carry out an Archaeological Investigation into the site, to assist Broxbourne Council in creating a Conservation Management Plan and applying for a grant.

  • September 2008 — Broxbourne Council applies for the next stage of the grant.

  • April 2009 — £173,000 received to develop the park prior to the final stage of the application.

  • 12 October 2011 — £1,897,700 received.

  • 2016 — Further lottery funding received, used to revamp some of the features around the park, including the pond.