Damage to Trees in Cedars Park

Trees in Cedars Park have been seen badly damaged on many occasions. Children can often be witnessed hanging from or sitting on tree branches, with overlooking parents unaware of the damage that this can cause. Much damage is likely accidental, however some children have been seen deliberately trying to snap off branches. Another cause may be vandalism by adults, however this has been witnessed much less frequently.

The photos below show damage that can shorten the life of a healthy tree. The exposure of fibres increases the risk of disease or insect infestation, and is unsightly for other visitors. On several occasions, more than one example of tree damage has been witnessed on a single visit to the park. This is evidence of the severity of the problem - such a fantastic arboretum should be treated with care!

In order to curb the problem, parents must watch children when they are playing in trees, and reprimand them if they are seen putting force on branches or causing other damage.