Murder in Cedars Park

In February 1924, a woman drowned her son, then herself, in the pond at Cedars Park. Below are newspaper articles about this murder. A ghost story exists about the mother (killer) and child (victim).

Waltham Cross Mystery.


Waltham Cross, Wednesday.

The bodies of the wife of a nursery worker, Mrs. Ada Jordan, aged 42, and her son Jack, aged 5, missing from their home since the previous day, were found to-day in a lake in Cedar's Park, Waltham Cross.


An inquest on a mother and child was held at Cheshunt, the woman being Ada Jordan, of Waltham Cross, and her son Jack, aged five. The bodies were found in an ornamental lake in Cedars Park, Waltham Cross.

The husband said Mrs. Jordan has suffered from acute pains in the head. When out for a walk recently they passed the lake, and his wife said: "There is enough water there to drown anyone." The morning after their disappearance he remembered this, and on going to the park he saw the bodies. The boy was delicate and the mother feared he would never be strong enough to earn his own living. The jury returned a verdict that the mother murdered her son and then committed suicide while of unsound mind.