Theobalds Square


Theobalds Square was a residential block constructed by George Prescott between 1765 and 1770 on what is now Cedars Park. The project is believed to have utilised materials from buildings at Theobalds Palace that had been destroyed in the Civil War. As part of this project, a flint folly was built, possibly including repurposed materials. Every house had its own 'water garden'.

The Cedars

The Cedars was built in Yellow London Brick and was the main house on the grounds at the time of the park's donation to the people of Cheshunt. Sir Henry Meux once lived in this house.

The house looked over a T-shaped pond that was designed to reflect the Flint Arch. The central structure of this house was destroyed in a fire in the early hours of 18 September 1913 and only the Conservatory and Billiard Room remain.

COUNTRY HOUSE DESTROYED BY FIRE. DOGS GIVE THE ALARM.Early this morning the Cedars, a picturesque country residence on Theobald's Park estate, Waltham Cross, owned by Admiral Sir Hedworth Meux, was entirely destroyed by fire. The only occupants were the caretaker and her son. The former was aroused by the barking of dogs, and then she found part of the house in flames. She raised an alarm and fire brigades from the surrounding district were summoned, but in spite of their efforts the house was burned to the ground.The cause of the outbreak remains a mystery, but the police are making careful investigations. This is the second disastrous fire on Sir Hedworth Meux's estate within a few months, Grove House, another imposing mansion, having been destroyed last February.
Newspaper article, 18 September 1913

Old Palace House

Old Palace House was a gentlemen's villa completed in 1768. A Mr Frederick W Lane lived in the house, although it is unknown when. It stood derelict in Cedars Park for many years until it burnt down around 1970. The cause of the fire has never been verified.

Today, a single brick wall from the house stands in Cedars Park, protected by a metal fence. A well, which has been filled in, is also standing.

House covered with dark vegetation
c. 1935

Grove House

Grove House burnt down in February 1912. The name has been given to a block of flats in Churchgate, Cheshunt.

Jackson House

This building is named after Reverend J Oswald Jackson. In the 19th century, this building became Jackson School. It was demolished in the early 20th century.

Thornton's House

This house had been demolished by 1883. It is omitted from some articles about Theobalds Square, so perhaps it was less significant than the other properties.