Cedars Park Ghost Stories

Throughout the 18th century, there were several occasions on which a young and pretty lady dressed in silk was seen staring out of a window in Admiral Meux's private house, appearing to wait for someone who never came.

While this spooked people in itself, there were further occasions on which an older lady, described to be very scary in appearance, was spotted on Meux's house grounds.

Other accounts of sightings on the park grounds describe Old Palace House at the North of the park being haunted by several ghosts, although detailed records of these claims have been lost and the descriptions and how many are not known.

In the early 1960s, a group of teenage friends entered Old Palace House, exploring the then dank and derelict building, bringing their small Terrier with them. When they tried to walk up the staircase, the dog refused and was terrified of something that she saw at the top, shaking like a leaf.

Old Palace House burnt down a few years after. Only a single brick wall remains, which is on display in Cedars Park, and it is believed that any supposed ghosts that have been spotted there in the past have since vanished.

A long-time visitor of Cedars Park shared this story on the park forum:

Do you remember being able to play and climb on the old flint huts in Cedars Park? The huts are still there today of course, but now have iron railings around them to protect them. I can recall the ghost story that my elder sisters told me when I was a small child while we were sitting cross legged on the floor in the second hut.

She said that during WWII, home guard soldiers were made to camp in these huts in case the Germans parachuted into the park at night. It was while they were sitting around a small fire in the middle of a hut that they began (obviously at midnight), to hear the sound of a crying woman and baby. Night after night at the stroke of midnight they would hear the same thing. One night, one of the soldiers plucked up the courage to follow the sound. He the led to the swamp (pond) where he saw the ghost of a young mother and her baby standing and sinking into the swamp. Evidently, she had given birth to a baby out of wedlock and could no longer stand be shunned by her neighbours and so had walked into the swamp to kill herself and her child. Well, to a five year old, that was some scary shit!

We now understand that this is likely a reference to a murder that occurred in February 1924, although the story may have been changed in the ghost story.