Cedars Park Community

Parks without people are just green spaces

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Community Enquiries: info.cedarspark@gmail.com

Volunteer at the park

A great way to maintain physical and mental health, make new friends, and improve Cedars Park is to help out at one of the park's regular volunteering activities.

The Friends of Cedars Park is a volunteer group with the aim of improving Cedars Park and organising community events. Membership is free.

ChExS also arrange events and activities to support the local community, including gardening activities, and an annual Grow Club competition for local schools which includes a public fun day, often held at Cedars Park.

Respond to public appeals

As well as general information about Cedars Park, this website is also used to recognise any faults in its management and attempt to get public support in ensuring that these issues are dealt with properly. Please see our public appeals page and e-mail us to show your support.

Public appeals existed on a previous site called "Jakant Research" (which was mainly about Cedars Park), however they were removed not long before www.cedarspark.info was created, due to feedback that they were "too negative". However, it is clear that there are areas in Cedars Park's management that are in dire need of serious improvement, therefore these were re-added to the new site on 28/6/2022.

No responses were ever received when the original appeals were published, which is a shame, as the Cedars Park community do care about their park, however the problem may be lack of recognition for this website. Therefore, sharing of any pages/appeals would be very helpful.

Contribute to the website

Support this website by suggesting new content or sending in photos. Please contact the Webmaster at cedarspark@mail.com.

Chat online

Since 2019, the park has an internet forum, where you can share your experiences and photos of Cedars Park, or discuss matters online with other visitors to the park.

This website supports the My Park Community project