Cedars Park Arboretum Zones

A - Deer Park

Part of a 2500-acre deer hunting ground built by King James I in 1607 and 1620.

B - Great Garden

Section of a large formal area at Theobalds known by this name. Sir William Cecil used this garden to host entertainments for Queen Elizabeth I during her visits. It included elaborate flowerbeds, fountains and garden buildings. Bee boles were built into the surrounding walls, and are extant today.

C - The Cedars

A property with this name was built on the grounds in the 1760s. The central building burnt down on 18/9/1913, and today the surviving buildings serve as the cafe, toilets and meeting room.

D - Pond Quarter

Location of the park's duck pond.

E - Great War Centennial Corner

Location of the park's new (2019) War Memorial.