Neglect of the Venusberg Mound

The Venusberg mound in Cedars Park is currently in very poor condition. The artificial turf surface, added in 2018, has become loose in parts since around 2019 and became particularly bad in 2020, due to a large number of children sliding down the sides, which is not the intended purpose of the mound, as well as the way the turf was installed - when repairs were being made, it was noted that the people installing the turf (believed to be an external company) were applying adhesive sparingly using dots, where it would have been more appropriate and effective to apply it generously in a zig-zag pattern, to ensure a strong and long-lasting hold.

Several loose pieces have been pulled off by children, and possibly also vandals. Parts of the artificial turf have been moved to other parts of the park on at least two occasions. It is important that parents watch children while they are playing on the mound, as they may playfully pull on the turf without realising the consequences.

Since the first damage appeared in 2019, Broxbourne Council have had parts repaired, however many have been damaged again and not dealt with. Additionally, the repaired areas are clearly patched and spoil the look of the mound (this is not the Council's fault).

It is important that Broxbourne Council have the Venusberg mound swiftly and properly repaired whenever it is damaged, and that they ensure that adhesive is added in an effective manner that will ensure the longevity of each newly-installed piece of turf. Please e-mail if you agree.

Photos from 23 June 2022

The mound has been in this state for at least a year!

Example of piece of turf that has been moved. This location is a 2-minute walk from the Venusberg!
(2 May 2022)