Proposed New Markings for Cedars Park's Tank

The tank markings above have been suggested to Broxbourne Borough Council since 9/2020, but they do not appear to be currently willing to add them. A logical explanation or justification has not been given as to why they do not wish to sign up this tank appropriately, despite templates and spray paint being offered to them.

The replica was originally installed with film stickers on the back, which look tacky and frankly are quite disrespectful to the memorial. These were removed after vandals caused visible damage, and thankfully they have not been re-installed. Additionally, the replica originally included the marking '2740' on the sides, which was the identification number of the original Female tank in Cedars Park, however the replica is a Male. Tony Cooke and Kevin Jepson, the previous owners of the tank, said that it is more closely based on '2325', a Male - it would therefore be more appropriate to mark the tank with this number.

Our War Memorial could become very special, if managed and new information boards provided as promised. An updated information board was finally installed late May 2022. This tank is one of only two standing on their original presentation plinths in Great Britain (the other is an original in Ashford, Kent), and there is potentially great interest from serving Armoured Corps Personnel, the New Zealand Commission, and even the Chinese Embassy in that the Central Tank Workshop was mainly manned by excellent Chinese Labour Corps engineers (from the 96,000 CLC who were employed from China to support the BEF in France and Flanders - 2,000 of which remain in our CWGC Cemeteries, many from the 1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic whilst clearing War detritus). It is important that the correct considerations are made to ensure that the tank is accurately marked.

If you agree that the Cedars Park tank should be correctly signed for historical and remembrance reasons, please e-mail