Great War Centennial Corner Concerns

Video from 27 August 2021

The Great War Centennial Corner war memorial in Cedars Park can often be seen in a damaged or dirty state. Tony Cooke and Kevin Jepson are contracted to maintain the tank, however they only visit periodically (from outside the borough) and Broxbourne Borough Council provide insufficient attention to ensure it is properly cared for. Please watch the video to understand the concerns raised.

In addition to this, it has been recommended to the council that CCTV (or at least a dummy) is installed at this war memorial. This is due to the fact that local schoolchildren have been seen climbing over the protective fencing to walk up the tank and sit at the top. This has caused significant damage to the tracks. If vandals are caught on camera, they can be made to pay the repair fees, and a camera on display would generally deter people from entering the tank enclosure.

It should be noted that Broxbourne Borough Council are not interested in the military or even remembrance aspect of this war memorial. It has even been claimed that the Chief Executive Jeff Stack has said that it is not a war memorial, despite presentation tanks and Tommy statues being intended for remembrance purposes! We think you will agree that some of the plans for the memorial that we have heard discussed (mentioned in video) are quite shocking.

Please write comments by e-mail to, or contact Broxbourne Council's Chief Executive Officer, voicing your views on this subject. They should be treating this fantastic war memorial with great pride and care, instead of neglecting it!