Neglect of Wooden Carvings in Cedars Park

The wooden carvings in Cedars Park were added in 2014 as part of the Heritage Lottery grant restoration of the park. These include a camel, tiger and elephant, and formerly a rotating totem pole with historical outfits. They were beautiful when first installed, expectedly damage-free and containing vibrant colours. Today, they are severely damaged and dirty, and the totem pole had to be removed in 2022 as the damage had become so bad. The paint has also severely faded, leaving the intended colours almost unrecognisable.

This is the outcome of Broxbourne Borough Council failing to look after these carvings as their duty entails. Preservative paint should have been applied years ago, to ensure the carvings retain their attractive appearance. The wood used was clearly too soft or not treated appropriately, as parts have been easily broken off by vandals, perhaps due to rot by water damage (evidence that insufficient (or no) protection was given). The carvings have never been looked after and are in urgent need of repair and restoration, and regular maintenance by Best staff.

Please e-mail to show your support in getting Broxbourne Council to repair damage (some may sadly be irreparable) and properly restore our wooden carvings!

Example of deterioration