Fence Needed for Cedars Park's Bocce Court

Video from 1 October 2020

Video from 1 October 2021

Video from 6 August 2022

The bocce court in Cedars Park was added when the Park was being re-developed with the Heritage Lottery fund, and a fence was never installed. There is only a low-rise wooden border. This means that children frequently walk onto the court and disturb the surface, often leaving marks on it with their bicycles and scooters, and sometimes even digging it up. This leaves it in poor condition for playing. The Council have been asked to install a fence to protect the court, but they stubbornly refuse to do so, even though community funds could be found to cover costs. The surround timbers, especially on the southern end, are rotting away, as softwood was used - this urgently needs replacing.

We are trying to raise awareness and funds for a simple fence to be built around the bocce court. The court surface is also in poor condition and should be replaced - regular Italian bocce players claim the council promised to replace the surface, however to date (18/6/2022 - months after) this has not been done! There are many bocce groups in Hertfordshire and they are unable to be invited to play on this court due to its poor standard of maintenance. Additionally, the pergola should have a roof for players to be able to take shelter when there is rain, and a section of the roof has been broken for two years and needs repairing. A small table should also be added for players' recreation purposes.

If you are interested in helping to get these improvements done, by donating or adding supportive comments, please contact us at cedarspark@mail.com.

Examples of damage from children

due to the lack of a fence

Markings from bicycles and scooters

Hand drawings