Keeping Down Litter in Cedars Park

Litter is only really an issue in Cedars Park during the summer months, when large numbers of people bring picnics and leave their rubbish once they have finished. Additionally, the many people disposing of rubbish properly cause the park's bins to overflow, and they are not emptied frequently enough by Broxbourne Council's staff.

The Council should instruct Best staff to empty bins more frequently during the months of June, July and August, and on hotter days in other parts of the year, for example when the temperature is 25°C or above, as this is when people come to the park in droves.

Additionally, to deter litterers, signage should be added around the park to remind people of the £100 fine for littering within the Broxbourne Borough. Waltham Cross town centre even includes warnings of a £2,500 fine! CCTV (or dummy) cameras should also be installed around the park to deter litterers, and this will also help to keep vandalism down - this can even be operated by independent members of the community, to relieve the council of this additional work.

Please send any comments to if you agree with this suggestion.

Litter Notice